The Location

WEILER has chosen a cosmopolitan city with multi-cultural flair, a media and communications centre of global significance with one very particular plus point:

Cologne, as one of the largest industrial regions in Germany, has been a crossroads and trading place on Europe's largest waterway for more than two millennia. With large handling capacities in its harbour on the Rhine and its central position in Europe, Cologne offers excellent flexibility.

WEILER exploits these advantages for its trading partners with 30,000 m2 of main storage facilities in Cologne-Deutz harbour, where up to 30,000 tons of semi-finished products are kept in stock. Cranes with lifting capacities of 16 and 42 tons on an efficient gantry crane plant are generally used to transport flat products for re-working and storage. A fast trestle crane system with 16 tons lifting capacity moves mainly long products. The cranes are equipped with magnets and floor-level controls.

Before being transported further by ship, rail or lorry, products can be re-worked in a variety of ways, such as slitting and grinding of flat products or cutting long products to furnace lengths, or also bundling.